Finding maximal cliques in massive networks

James Cheng, Yiping Ke, Ada Wai-Chee Fu, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Linhong Zhu
2011 ACM Transactions on Database Systems  
Maximal clique enumeration is a fundamental problem in graph theory and has important applications in many areas such as social network analysis and bioinformatics. The problem is extensively studied; however, the best existing algorithms require memory space linear in the size of the input graph. This has become a serious concern in view of the massive volume of today's fast-growing networks. We propose a general framework for designing external-memory algorithms for maximal clique enumeration
more » ... in large graphs. The general framework enables maximal clique enumeration to be processed recursively in small subgraphs of the input graph, thus allowing in-memory computation of maximal cliques without the costly random disk access. We prove that the set of cliques obtained by the recursive local computation is both correct (i.e., globally maximal) and complete. The subgraph to be processed each time is defined based on a set of base vertices that can be flexibly chosen to achieve different purposes. We discuss the selection of the base vertices to fully utilize the available memory in order to minimize I/O cost in static graphs, and for update maintenance in dynamic graphs. We also apply our framework to design an external-memory algorithm for maximum clique computation in a large graph.
doi:10.1145/2043652.2043654 fatcat:ahxzi7bz6fgjfpcxe622kngviu