Localized and Periodic Spiral-Shaped EBG Structures for the Simultaneous Switching Noise Mitigation

Bobae Kim, Dong-Wook Kim
2008 2008 38th European Microwave Conference  
In this paper a two dimensional (2D) electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) structure is proposed for multi band noise mitigation in PWR/GND plane pairs. Excellent noise suppression (-60 dB) is achieved in multiple bands within the range 0-8 GHz with a low start frequency. Because of the 2D EBG, no additional metal layer is required. Signal Integrity analysis is also studied by modelling a microstrip to stripline transition (both single ended and differential) and by evaluating insertion loss, TDR as
more » ... ion loss, TDR as well as eye diagram.
doi:10.1109/eumc.2008.4751418 fatcat:iaybud5qwveglasmek3mttrnbu