A physically based approach to 2--D shape blending

Thomas W. Sederberg, Eugene Greenwood
1992 Computer graphics  
This paper presents a new afgorithm for smoothly blending between two 2-D polygonal shapes. The algorithm is based on a physical model wherein one of the shapes is considered to be constructed of wire, and a solution is found whereby the first shape can be bent and/or stretched into the second shape with a minimum amount of work. The resulting solution tends to associate regions on the two shapes which look alike. If the two polYgons have m and n vertices respectively, the afgorithm is O(mn).
more » ... gorithm is O(mn). The algorithm avoids local shape inversions in whkh intermediate polygons self-intersect, if such a solution exists.
doi:10.1145/142920.134001 fatcat:x4fyefzrgzfrthzdljxy3ro6vm