Value of Tc99m (V) Dmsa Compared to Tc99m Mibi in Evaluation of Bone and Bone Marrow Lesions in Patients with Multiple Myeloma

Shahenda Salem, Muhammed Ibrahim
2011 Research in Oncology  
Multiple myeloma (MM) is primarily bone marrow neoplasm. Tc99m sestamibi (MIBI) is a potential imaging tracer in patients with multiple myeloma. Tc99m Pentavalent dimercaptosuccinic acid (V-DMSA) has an implication in imaging medullary carcinoma, head and neck tumors and soft tissue and bone tumors. Few reports evaluated imaging of multiple myeloma by Tc99m (V) DMSA and only one of them compared Tc99m (V) DMSA with Tc99m MIBI in assessment of chemotherapy effectiveness. objective: Is to compare
more » ... value of Tc99m (V) DMSA and Tc99m MIBI in detection of bone and bone marrow lesions in patients with multiple myeloma. Materials and Methods: 32 patients with MM (18 M and 14 F, mean age 55±9 years) were enrolled in this study. Tc99m MIBI scan was done first followed 48 hours later by Tc99m (V) DMSA scan. Whole body Tc99m MIBI scan was obtained 10 minutes after IV injection of 555 MBq of tracer. Whole body Tc99m (V) DMSA scan was acquired 2 hours following IV injection of 740 MBq of tracer. Results: sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV and accuracy of Tc99m (V) DMSA was 93%, 100%, 100%, 67% and 94 % versus 71%, %100, 100%, 33% and 75% for Tc99m MIBI, respectively. Comparing pattern of bone and bone marrow involvement, it was focal in 18 (56%) patients, diffuse in 5 (16%) patients, diffuse and focal in 3 (9%) patients and normal in 6 (19%) patients in Tc99m (V) DMSA scans, while, it was focal in 6 (19%) patients, diffuse in 11 (34%) patients, focal and diffuse in 3 (9%) patients and normal in 12 (38%) patients in Tc99m MIBI scans. conclusion: Tc99m (V) DMSA is better than Tc99m MIBI in evaluation of bone and bone marrow in patients with MM. Tc99m (V) DMSA performed better in detection of focal lesions, whereas Tc99m MIBI was superior in visualization of diffuse disease.
doi:10.21608/resoncol.2011.430 fatcat:aaf2rajsnjhrbijim7lsymyuji