Characterization and adaptation of some 'Pinot Noir' clones to the environmental conditions of Serbian grape growing regions

Ranković-Vasić, D. Nikolić, Z. Atanacković, B. Sivčev, M. Ruml
The adequate choice of suitable cultivar/clone together with the ecological characteristics of the region and combination of agro technical measures represents the most important factors in the viticulture production. Aim of this study was to determine the characteristics of two Pinot Noir clones (R4 and 667) in two Serbian grape growing regions with different meteorological conditions. The following properties were investigated: beginning, end and length of the growing season, grape yield,
more » ... n, grape yield, mechanical composition of bunch and berry, grape and wine quality. Differences between studied 'Pinot Noir' clones and environmental conditions in grape growing regions resulted in the production of grapes and wine with different characteristics.
doi:10.5073/vitis.2015.54.special-issue.147-149 fatcat:pe4pgjoqv5e7xi6rxx7g7by4uq