The Relation Between Work Motivation and Nurse Performance of Inpatient Installations at Methodist General Hospital Medan

Arifin Chandra, Mangatas Silaen, Jamaluddin Jamaluddin
2020 Journal Wetenskap Health  
Motivation is defined as something in a person that can be pushed, and direct person behaviour. In other word, motivation is intentions in ourself, hope, desire and purposed to be achieved. Nurses have an important role in determining good or bad quality hospital service. Motivation owned by nurses is important as a force spesifically to provide health service to health service users in the hospital. This research is quantitative and using cross sectional design. The purpose of this research is
more » ... to see what factors that can related over the performance of nurses of emergency room in Methodist Hospital Medan 2018. This research use total sampling and the source data of this research is using questionnaire and then followed by using univariate analysis, bivariate analysis, multivariate analysis with SPSS program. The results of this research is that responsibility (p=0,004), supervision (p=0,001), insentive (p=0,003), achievement (p=0,002), promotion (p=0,004), related to nurse performance and the most related variable is supervision with r square 0,026, F=1,279, and sign F 95% CI=0,264. The result showed that there related between motivation and nurse performance. The most related factor is supervision. Supervision done by head of nursing routinely to all nurse. In order optimize performance, quality and health services increase the motivation for this to work and to the way of administering the able more, creates an enabling environment, companion at good relations with, guarantee work, good relations between superiors with subordinate, and including nurse in seminars and sustainable training nursing.
doi:10.48173/jwh.v1i2.40 fatcat:voyq67aq45brvjmxhw5vudb3xe