Mineral Oil Deterioration System

J Balsbaugh, A Assaf
1941 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Analytical Edition  
Th is paper is aimed to design the circuit of optical transmission system oil sensor, for monitoring the deterioration in the edible oil, fo r examp le, Sunflower, Palm and Ground nut oil etc. due to moisture react and heating condition. The device packaged to the edib le o il, wh ich let every mankind who prepared food at ho me o r hotel to optimize the time for the exchange of edible oil for cooking. By applying the principle of the deterioration of edible oil can be expressed in terms of
more » ... rption intensity along with dielectric constant. The capacitance bridge circuit and the optical transmission integrator circuit designed for edible oil to monitor the change due to deterioration because of humid ity and varying temperature. In this study, the range of operating temperature of ed ible o il is experimentally reco mmended within 80 -90 o C for the stability of a sensor designed. It is concluded that the characteristics of output voltage converted from the d ielectric constant are linearly distribute in support of optical absorption/transmission data. Three different samples of edible o il, namely Sunflower, Palm and Ground nut oil at roo m temperature are studied.
doi:10.1021/i560096a001 fatcat:kh3rqsl6t5f7dd4ysy7t2qkzha