Digitale Lehr- und Lernangebote in Verbindung mit Printlehrwerken

Daniel Füchsel
2019 unpublished
This thesis is about a didactic analysis of digital teaching and learning material which is published by austrian and german publishing companies. The thesis contains a theoretical and an empirical part. The first part contains a discussion about learning theories, a description of the research field and some basic reflection on significant concepts concerning didactic of (educational) media. The biggest part of the theoretical section of the thesis deals with research and reflection on
more » ... zation in connection with media for educational purposes. To do that, it is also necessary to have a look on empirical data on the development and the current state of domestic and school equipment of digital media. The empirical part of the thesis includes the qualitative content analysis by MAYRING (2010). In the course of this research method the was developed a criteria catalog which contains four different categories of digital teaching and learning material. This material was then analyzed. Finally, results are summarized and an outlook into the future of education is shown.
doi:10.25365/thesis.58863 fatcat:wdlp4ok4qrbihd22sjzh5pwkpi