Thrust Force Calculation Method for Double-Row Cantilever Type Anti-Slide Piles

Liu Jiaxiang, Han Yongjia, Huo Jinhong, Zhan Shengwen
Double-row piles have been employed in large projects of landslide control. For controlling the landslide, it is always assumed that the landslide thrust force of the front row piles is equal to its horizontal load capacity in the design calculation. But there are few studies on how the landslide thrust force distributes between double-row piles. This paper calculates the landslide thrust force of the front and back row anti-slide piles by using the elasticity mechanics method. The edge of the
more » ... d. The edge of the elastic medium wedge is influenced by normal force. According to its analytical solution, this paper derives the landslide thrust force which distributes to the front row piles. By analyzing the engineering cases and numerical simulation, the results of theoretical calculation are consistent with the monitoring results and the numerical simulation results. This calculation method provides basis and reference for the design of double-row anti-slide piles.