Structural and optical characterization of size controlled silicon nanocrystals in SiO2/SiOxNy multilayers

J. López-Vidrier, S. Hernández, A.M. Hartel, D. Hiller, S. Gutsch, P. Löper, L. López-Conesa, S. Estradé, F. Peiró, M. Zacharias, B. Garrido
2011 Energy Procedia  
We offer a complete structural and optical study of samples containing silicon nanocrystals (Si-NCs) embedded in SiO 2 /SiON multilayers, varying the oxynitride layer thickness from 2.5 to 7 nm. Using energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy we have determined the size distribution of the precipitated Si-nanoaggregates. Raman scattering measurements were used to investigate the Si-NC size and crystalline quality. By combining both techniques, the nanoaggregate crystalline degree has
more » ... evaluated, with values around 50% for all the samples. Photoluminescence spectroscopy has shown a blueshift of the emission at smaller NC sizes, presenting the sample with Si-NCs of 3.9 nm the best emission properties.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2011.10.150 fatcat:spyrxsngwrgq7mrfe2heet6ale