Measurement of the mass sensitivity of QCM with ring electrodes using electrodeposition

Jianguo Hu, Xianhe Huang, Song Xue, Göktug Yesilbas, Alois Knoll, Oliver Schneider
2020 Electrochemistry communications  
A B S T R A C T A practical method for calculating the mass sensitivity of quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) resonators with ring-shaped Au electrodes on one side based on electrodeposition is presented in this communication. While for standard QCMs, an average mass sensitivity can be calculated despite its approximately Gaussian distribution, the mass sensitivity of QCMs with an asymmetrical electrode structure is difficult to calculate. However, nonstandard electrode geometries might be
more » ... cial for sensor applications especially in the area of electrochemistry. By measuring the resonance frequency change of a quartz crystal during deposition and applying Faraday's law, we determined the mass sensitivity of QCM resonators with a ring electrode. We also studied the influence of the gold electrode thicknesses on the mass sensitivity of the ring-shaped and disc shaped electrodes. The experimental results showed that the mass sensitivity of the ring-shaped electrodes was 5%∼20% higher than those of the disc shaped electrodes. This method is practical and convenient for determining the mass sensitivity of the QCM with ring electrode, and it can be extended to measure QCMs with symmetrical and asymmetrical electrode structures. Such resonators with modified electrode structures may be of interest for studying electrochemical processes where a higher mass sensitivity is desirable.
doi:10.1016/j.elecom.2020.106744 fatcat:nwfkgcokcjhfznhq6eygzxnefi