Physiology of Fluctuations : Analytical Method and Meaning of EEG, ECG, etc
ゆらぎの生理学 : 解析方法とその意味(脳波、他)

Yoshihiro UEDA
Journal of International Society of Life Information Science  
TbetorialLecture 3 ss 38i Physiology of Fluctuations -Analytical Method and Meaningof EEG, ECG, etc. -iDopt. ofPltysiology, Yoshihiro UEDA lk kznsai Cbllege of Oriental IVdedicine ( Osako ,lapan) Abstruct : Electrical signals (EEG,EMG, ECG ete.) in the human body fluctuate and are used for clinical diagnosis as vital signs, Recentiy, there have been some efforts to apply chaos theory to them, to make a diagnosis, and apply them to treatment. Therefore, using our data such as EEG, pulse, ECG,
more » ... RE-EMG (H-wave), --e show an analytieal method of fiuctuation in the human body (fbcussing on frequency analysis and chaos analysis) and the physiological meaning of fiuetuation.
doi:10.18936/islis.17.2_381 fatcat:c25flkza2vhp5pv2s7wlxaky7a