Statistical Characterization and Modeling of the Temporal Evolutions of $\Delta V_{\rm t}$ Distribution in NBTI Recovery in Nanometer MOSFETs

Jung-Piao Chiu, Yu-Heng Liu, Hung-Da Hsieh, Chi-Wei Li, Min-Cheng Chen, Tahui Wang
2013 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices  
NBTI trapped charge characteristics and recovery mechanisms are examined by a statistical study of individual trapped charge emissions in nanoscale HfSiON/metal gate pMOS-FETs. We measure individual trapped charge emission times in NBTI recovery in a large number of devices. The characteristic time distributions of the first three emitted holes are obtained. The distributions can be well modeled by using a thermally-assisted tunnel (ThAT) detrapping model. NBTI trapped charge energy and spatial
more » ... energy and spatial distributions and its activation energy distribution in the ThAT model are discussed and extracted. Based on the ThAT model and measured result of single-charge induced V t shifts, we develop a statistical NBTI recovery ΔV t evolution model. Our model can well reproduce the temporal evolutions of a ΔV t distribution in a number of NBTI stressed nanometer MOSFETs in relaxation. Index Terms-Activation energy, charge emission time, negative bias temperature instability, recovery, statistical model.
doi:10.1109/ted.2013.2240390 fatcat:psoucrazf5fwdiwjskh4kozndi