Parametric Model of Vortex Generators of Wind Turbine Considering Inter-effect of Winglets

Zhenzhou ZHAO
2018 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
摘要:参数化模型可解决数值计算中涡流发生器(Vortex generators, VGs)实体建模带来网格数量大的问题。基于升力线和三角 翼理论,考虑了叶片间相互影响,建立了反向旋转、由三角翼构成的阵列式 VGs 的参数化涡模型,给出三角翼的最大环量 值计算方法,以源项加入 N-S 方程,用于模拟 VGs 对叶片气动性能的影响。分别采用阵列式和单一叶片模型计算安装于平 板的 VGs 环量特性,并与文献试验数据进行对比,结果显示:在 0°≤α≤18°内,阵列式模型的计算误差仅为 4.8%,在 α=24°误 差为 13.2%;单一叶片模型计算结果随攻角增大而较大偏离试验数据,α=24°最大误差达 49.4%。模拟了 DU91-W2-250 直 叶片上 5 组 VGs 的气动特性,两模型对比结果显示阵列式模拟结果与试验值更加吻合。从流场模拟来看,实体建模和阵列 式参数化模型得到的流场基本一致。 关键词:涡流发生器;风力机;参数化建模;数值模拟 中图分类号:T38 Abstract:The problem of large amounts of girds caused by solid
more » ... s caused by solid boundary of vortex generators (VGs) in computation fluid dynamic modeling can be resolved by employing parametric model. Considering inter-effect between the wings, based on the theories of lift-line and delta-wing, a parametric model of an array of VGs which are composed of anti-rotating delta wings, is proposed to simulate the effect of shedding vortex on the aerodynamic of lift blade. The maximum circulation is computed from the model and added into the equation of N-S as a source term. The circulation of blade with VGs are calculated employing the VG-arrays model and the single-wing model without considering the inter-effect, the results are compared with the experimental results from literature, the comparison shows: when 0°≤α≤18°, the maximum error of the array model is only 4.8%; when α=24°, the error reaches 13.2% which is still much lower than the result of the single-wing model (49.4%). The performance of DU91-W2-250 blade section with five pairs of VGs is modeled; the comparison with the experimental results show the array type model has higher agreement with the results of experiment. The simulation results of fluid field employing two models, real structure model and parametric model of array VGs, have high agreement.
doi:10.3901/jme.2018.02.201 fatcat:lkgln4b2cfgyhjbw4caxjzwtlu