GHRS Observations of the LISM [chapter]

Jeffrey L. Linsky
1996 The Heliosphere in the Local Interstellar Medium  
The GHRS has obtained high-resolution spectra of interstellar gas toward 19 nearby stars. These excellent data show that the Sun is located inside the Local Interstellar Cloud (LIC) with other warm clouds nearby. I will summarize the physical properties of these clouds and the threedimensional structure of this warm interstellar gas. There is now clear evidence that the Sun and other late-type stars are surrounded by hydrogen walls in the upwind direction. The D/H ratio probably has a constant
more » ... bly has a constant value in the LIC, ( 1.6 -1-0.2) x 10-s, consistent with the measured values for all LIC lines of sight.
doi:10.1007/978-94-009-1782-8_17 fatcat:sq4nyqqorbbffh7ygmrgafp7ea