The New England Melanopli

Samuel H. Scudder
1896 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
Some years ago (Proc. Bost. soc. nat. hist., xix, z8 -z86, I878) I published a table for the detertnination of the New England species of Melanoplus, of which I enumerated six species. Several errors are to be found in the table, leading to much confusion, and I therefore offer here another, more in harmony with a revision of all the Melanopli of North America I shall shortly publish with illustrations. At the same time the other species of the group Melanopli, embracing all our New England
more » ... our New England Acrididae excepting Schistocerca, are added, including some species not then known to inhabit New England. Most of the additional species are due to the industrious and discriminating collections of Mr. A. P. Morse, in whose Prelimiarv List of the Acri-didae of New England (Psyche, vii, oz-o8.) all the thirteen species here enumerated will be found but sometimes under different names, my revision showing the necessity of several alterations. As the reasons for the changes will appear in my forthcoming paper, I will merely add here a list of the changes by reference to Morse's List. Morse's List. Present List. Hesperot. viridis. The 3/felanoplus rectus of my former table is Z. fasciatus of the present. Table of the Genera of iV. _. Melan@li. a. Pronotum much deeper than broad; subgenital plate of furnished with an apical postlnarginal tubercle HSPtOTTTX (brev@ennis). a. Pronotum but little deeper than broad; subgenital plate of o with no apical tubercle, or if present it involves the apical margiri. b. Without trace of tegmina or wings POmSM, (glaclalis). b. With longer or shorter tegmina and wings. c. Face less declivent than in the alternate category; dorsum of pronotum only half as long again as the average breadth even in the o antennae, even in the o,shorter than the hind femora and not more than twice as long as the pronotum alone MLAZO'LUS.
doi:10.1155/1896/62140 fatcat:ao2vdzjsijhj7dontvizx4jb74