Location Based Marketing: A Promising Marketing in Sri Lanka

Thivanka Chamith Wijesinghe, Jing Zhang
2015 International Journal of Marketing Studies  
In the modern world, many organizations are turning into ground-breaking digital media technologies in order to develop their marketing communication channels, extend effectiveness, and reorganize extra mobile marketing strengths in to the marketing world. In order to achieve powerful competition; some large organizations are investing immensely in the development of mobile marketing. Most of marketer's dreams were come true by entering many researches and developments into mobile marketing in
more » ... rder to generate an enhanced digital infrastructure. Location based marketing is one of the rapid and critical transformer in the mobile marketing. Location based marketing technology is being developed rapidly every day, opening new incredible opportunities. It supports a company to send their marketing communication messages more successfully to attractive and proper audience, eliminate all redundant "sound" in the communication procedure, cut costs, and more prominently engage its audience in a transferable outcome. In this article, customer recognition, familiarity of LBM, customer trust, customer privacy, customer preference, information accuracy, cooperation have considered as the key factors affecting building location based marketing system in Sri Lanka. These key factors can be helpful for marketers, entrepreneurs to develop their location based marketing model for the better off.
doi:10.5539/ijms.v7n5p88 fatcat:s2wwkwgbi5exbc7m3yptagujem