Recording of electrocorticogram of the gerbil using a radio telemeter

Akiko SETO-OHSHIMA, Muneyuki ITO, Kazuaki SHIMIZU
1998 Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology  
The Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) is a genetic animal model of epilepsy which shows epileptic seizures elicited by several kinds of weak stimulus. In the adult animals, so-called psychological stress is also known to induce seizures. In such animals, recording of brain wave with wires has disadvantage since the animals may receive some stress while they are restricted with wires. The use of wireless recording system is favorable for such animals but the machines available were mostly
more » ... so bulky. In this study, a telemeter machine for rat (Unimec Co. Ltd., Tokyo) was applied successfully to record the interictal electrocorticogram of the gerbil (body weight, 70 g) without restriction of the daily activity. With this method, characteristic electrical activity was observed in an area of the cerebral cortex which seemed to respond to some stimuli.
doi:10.5674/jjppp1983.16.41 fatcat:vigp4xfparalpf4o4eo63gyrbm