Authoring System of Drill & Practice Elearning Modules for Hearing Impaired Students

Karim Q Hussein
2015 International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT)  
Hearing Impaired (HI) persons need to keep on practicing and repeating their lessons as well as their exercises. Teaching methodology of HI students differ than normal students. HI students need to be involved in practicing more and more using their modes of visual communication like sign language to cover their audio disability. Teaching methodology of HI students recommends demonstration and repeating with slow presentations of instructional material. A teacher displays his lesson directly
more » ... e to face without visual noise. More reinforcement and encouragement to HI students , fun & enjoyment should be strongly included in the e-lessons as well as continuous interaction between teacher and HI students. As per previous factors the decision of researchers is to develop Drill & Practice (D&P) e-learning modules(eLMs) for selected topics like Mathematics. D&P eLMs of Mathematics for HI persons would be the case study of this research including Developing & Evaluating. The authors selected D&P eLMs Because eLMs match the requirements and mechanism of teaching methodology for HI students. The mechanism of developing eLMs is represented by Developing an Authoring System which allows teachers of HI persons to generate any eLM of any selected topic for HI students. Also they can generate multiple eLMs in the project. The evaluating producer & tools for the experimental eLMs were view points of Experts through open Questionnaire to list their evaluating comments. Besides view points of experts. There are experiments which were held in real environment of HI students to test the eLMs of D&P of Mathematics to get valuable feedback from them.
doi:10.5121/ijcsit.2015.7113 fatcat:4ito2ugkfrbhxfwqzcz3n66gx4