Thermal Characterization of a DBD Plasma Actuator: Dielectric Temperature Measurements Using Infrared Thermography

Romain Joussot, Vincent Boucinha, Régine Weber-Rozenbaum, Hervé Rabat, Annie Leroy-Chesneau, Dunpin Hong
2010 40th Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit   unpublished
Active flow control by plasma actuators is currently under investigation in order to improve the aerodynamic performance of vehicles. One of these actuators consists in using a surface dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) by creating a non-thermal plasma at the dielectric surface. The plasma discharge induces a low-velocity airflow, the so-called "ionic wind", which can be used to modify external flows. In this study, we focus on the description of the thermal effect of a DBD actuator in order to
more » ... contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms of interaction with the flow. The temperature of the dielectric surface was first determined with the plasma on and secondly after switching off the discharge. The measurements were conducted for several amplitudes and frequencies of the applied voltage. The study comprised two parts: in the first, measurements were performed in quiescent air, and in the second, the influence of an external boundary layer over the discharge on the dielectric temperature was investigated.
doi:10.2514/6.2010-5102 fatcat:ooncw3iy7fbvhad4rj7znce63q