1901 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
acromegaly, as in this, it seems certain that myxedematous change is present, and pathologic research and the fact that some patients improve for a time under thyroid would indicate that the two conditions may coexist in the same individual. Author's ease of Acromegaly. Osteitis Deformans.-The hands and feet are here unaffected and the cranium and shafts of the large bones are chiefly involved. Author's case of Acromegaly. Giantism.-This is symmetrical excessive growth and need not be
more » ... ed not be confounded with acromegaly, though it is probably almost identical in etiology. Curious examples of localized enlargement affecting a single member have been noted, and in a case of acromegaly reported by Dr. Kanthack, the second toe of one of the enlarged feet was enormously hypertrophied. Pulmonary Osteo-arthropathy.--In this disease the bones only are involved and the face is usually normal ; the joints are often swollen and painful and there is usually a chronic pulmonary lesion. Moreover, the appearance of the hand is wholly unlike that presented by acromegaly-the changes being chiefly in the distal phalanges, which are clubbed and carry an elongated, curved nail. PROGNOSIS.
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