Three Poems by Tadeusz Różewicz in Russian Translation (Translation and Comments)

Anna Bednarczyk
The article deals with the contemporary translation of Tadeusz Różewicz's poems into Russian. Regardless of the fact that some of his poetry had already been translated and published, new times and new readers need new translations. The considerations presented in the article refer precisely to them. Taken into account were primarily the translations of a generation of contemporary translators for an international competition on the translation of Różewicz's poems, announced in 2013 by the
more » ... ation 'For your freedom and ours'. The translations of three poems by the Polish poet have been considered: Words, In the light of flickering lamps and Such is the master, works frequently chosen by the winners of the said competition. In particular the analysis regards the saturation of the poems with cultural realities and inter-textual elements. Therefore, comments and some translators' notes accompanying the translations were taken into account, ones defining their approach to the translation and the translated text itself. The considerations confirmed the need to activate the cognitive function of translation in modern translations – the purpose of the mentioned comments – but also to pay attention to the problems of translating free verse into Russian.
doi:10.24425/slo.2020.134735 fatcat:jwjinwgtlrch5g5cw5vashtezq