From Uncertainty to Self-Efficacy-Perspectives of Pre-Service Teacher's on Their Practical Experience during the 'Corona Year'

2022 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel at the middle of March 2020 has disrupted all aspects of life. Schools, colleges and other higher education institutions were closed most of the time. Teaching and learning continued online in an ERT (emergency remote teaching) format. The situation confronted teachers and students with entirely new challenges of uncertainty. The present study focuses on the perspectives of pre-service teachers in Israel regarding their practical experience
more » ... g during the times of the covid 19 pandemic. The research hypothesis assumed that the complications caused by the pandemic will have a negative impact on how the pre-service teachers assess the quality of their practical training, which would be reflected in difficulties in their integration at work, their sense of efficacy in teaching, their teaching methods and their reluctance to continue teaching. The study examines the correlations between the assessment of their practical training experience and their self-reported self-efficacy, use of various teaching methods, integration at work, and the willingness to remain in the teaching profession. All at the time of the pandemic. Our main findings indicate that they assess their practical training as good (3.69); have a high sense of professional self-efficacy (4.06); use a variety of teaching methods; and express their desire to continue teaching (3.97). Overall, the findings indicate correlations between the interns' positive assessment of their practical training and their high self-efficacy, their use of a variety of teaching methods, and their desire to continue teaching.
doi:10.13187/ejced.2022.2.459 fatcat:2awehpv3i5dolifpqioejqw5q4