Self—Discharging Flour Chest and Flour Packer Combined

1848 Scientific American  
This is the name given to a new invention for packing flour, recently introduced into some of the Oswego mIlls. Col. W. J. Par dee has just put it in succe�sful operation in his mills, and it i. believed that the invention will very generally take the place uf the old system of packing. In construction it is sim ple and packs a barrel in about a Ininute. The garner into which the flour is received from the bolts is capable of holding four hun dred barrel. The empty barrel is placed under the
more » ... ner, which tapers in size to be received by the barrel. A shalt, to which are attached blades so constructed and set as to lorm something like a screw, is let down into the barrel. The machinery sets it in motion, it lifting itself as the fl our is let in and pack ed by the blades. But two men are required to do the packing for three run of stones. a great saying on the old plan. IJnportnnt Invention. Mr. David Isham, a machinist of Hartford Conn., ha� recently invented a process by which cast iron can be converted, almost in stantly, and with but slight expense an:l la bor, into steel. Twenty minutes only arene
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05201848-274 fatcat:elubmhjfqnfobkksdcxj25g44q