On Positive Complementarity in the Context of History of Missionary Work in the Chuvash Region
О положительной комплиментарности в свете истории миссионерства в Чувашском крае

Natalya Ivanovna Gerasimova, Sergey Ivanovich Gerasimov, Svetlana Yurevna Drozdova
2020 Ethnic Culture  
The article explores the reasons why the interaction between Russian and Chuvash culture became possible in the framework of Christian missionary work. Purpose of the study is to show that both cultures have positive complementarity. Methods. Comparative, analytical and descriptive methods were used by the authors. The study is based on the cultural and historical situation, i.e. adoption of Christianity in the Chuvash and Russian culture. Research results. In the process of research, the
more » ... s identified common features that bring the transition to the fold of Christianity in Ancient Russia and the Chuvash culture closer together, despite the thousand-year time distance. In their opinion, the deep assimilation of Christianity by the Chuvash culture is explained by the presence of a certain algorithm that regulated the penetration of the new religion into the pagan environment. The authors define Russian culture as donor culture and Chuvash culture as recipient culture. Christianity became the force thanks to which the Chuvash culture was revived. Before the adoption of Orthodoxy within the framework of its ethnoreligion, it was an immature education that needed to realize its creative potential. The Chuvash culture needed to realize the creative possibilities inherent in it, representing an entity striving to realize itself. Thanks to the Christian enlightenment, the Chuvash culture got this opportunity and successfully implemented it.
doi:10.31483/r-96376 fatcat:3oyfr67ujna2va4pjcpa466hwa