Screening of disorder due to interaction near the Mott transition

2012 Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics  
Understanding the combined effect of disorder and electron-electron interactions constitutes one of the most challenging problems in theoretical condensed matter physics. It is also of immense experimental relevance, because (i) many correlated-electron materials are intrinsically disordered due to chemical doping, with transition-metal oxides like cuprate high-temperature superconductors being prime examples, and (ii) a variety of non-trivial effects in two-dimensional (2d) electron systems,
more » ... electron systems, such as fractional quantum Hall states and many metal-insulator transitions, can be attributed to an interplay of disorder and interactions.
doi:10.36471/jccm_january_2012_03 fatcat:ouyqn24cerf65kjx6zqtbaety4