Very Short Gamma Ray Bursts Study and Primordial Black Holes

David Cline
2011 Proceedings of 35th International Conference of High Energy Physics — PoS(ICHEP 2010)   unpublished
We present the state of current research of Very Short Gamma Ray Bursts (VSGRBs) from BATSE, KONUS and SWIFT detectors. We found that VSGRBs form a distinguished class of GRBs, which in our opinion in most cases is composed of the primordial black hole evaporation events. Arguments supporting our opinion: (a) Time duration (T 90 ) distribution of VSGRBs for BATSE, KONUS and SWIFT detectors [2]; (b) Visible anisotropy in the galactic angular distribution of BATSE VSGRB events; (c) V/ Vmax
more » ... (c) V/ Vmax distribution for BATSE VSGRB events indicating the local distance production [3]; (d) Practically no afterglows in SWIFT VSGRB sample (25%), in contrast to the noticeable frequency in SGRB sample (78%); (e) Time profile of rising part BATSE VSGRBs in agreement with evaporation PBH model.
doi:10.22323/1.120.0453 fatcat:u6abm727lvc77p7u6w6xk4ylli