The initial training of the Speech Therapist for the attention to dysarthria, from a pedagogical conception

Dayani Frómeta Elías, Karel Llopiz Guerra, Ronald M. Hernández, Raúl Francisco Gutierrez Abregu
2020 Zenodo  
The initial training of the professional speech therapist as part of their permanent preparation process is a fundamental period in which the foundations of their professional performance begin to be developed. Speech Therapy care starts from this training moment, when students in this career must appropriate different language pathologies, in which the methodological treatment of dysarthria becomes more complex from its didactic treatment. This discipline is based on the need to achieve the
more » ... egration of contents and the practical implementation of the professional's performance modes, based on the correct direction of the teaching-learning process, which goes beyond the whole professional performance context and must be developed from the undergraduate level. In this paper, the theoretical foundation is offered, based on the background of the initial training of the speech therapist teacher with the indicators that characterize it, as well as important basic elements to be taken into account about dysarthria, with the aim of offering an approach to the treatment of dysarthria from the theoretical foundations of the initial training. Keywords: Initial training, competencies, teachers,
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4074328 fatcat:3t66nztearc2lo2cio3fekwjxa