Modification of TiO2 surface for improved light fastness

John George, V. S. Gireesh, Georgee Ninan, S. Krishnan Nair
2015 International Journal of Industrial Chemistry  
Introduction Rutile TiO 2 dioxide particles were modified with P 2 O 5 treatment for improving its UV light fastness and the characteristics are studied using different techniques. The investigation aimed at improving the light fastness of the TiO 2 particles by surface modification with P 2 O 5 and optimizing its content for best performance. The coating of different inorganic oxides such as SiO 2 , Al 2 O 3 , P 2 O 5 , etc. were confirmed by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Microscopic
more » ... Microscopic evaluation was employed to evaluate the surface morphology of modified TiO 2 . The specific surface area was estimated using BET method. Effect of the surface modification with oxides on electrokinetic properties and zeta potential is appraised. Changes in the pigmentary properties on UV exposure are determined as a measure of light fastness. Results The light fastness of the modified samples is superior to commercial TiO 2 pigments. The dispersion and pigmentary characteristics of the P 2 O 5 modified samples have approached the commercial rutile TiO 2 pigment standards. The reducing strength values indicate good dispersion characteristics of the P 2 O 5 modified samples. Conclusion The light fastness of TiO 2 particles can be improved considerably on imparting the coating of P 2 O 5 along with Al 2 O 3 .
doi:10.1007/s40090-015-0044-x fatcat:iril7e2zjbfs7mzltrp7lat22m