Rainbow glass

1883 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Jtfly, 1883.] Photographing the Solar Corona. 7I ttainbow Glass. The soap-bubble colors upon glass are produced by a vapor, which is deposited on the hot glass before it goes into the annealing oven. The vapor comes from a mixture of protoehloride of tin, carbonate of baryta, and carbonate of strontian. It is said that the workmen of a Bohemian manufiu~'turer, wishing ro celebrate his arrival, kindled some Bengal lights in the annealing furnaces, and the piec('s which were in the fimmces all
more » ... the fimmces all became iridescent. The colors can be removed by lmrd rubl)ing. Messrs. Cl6mandot and Fremy produced a pearly lustre, llke that of shells, by means of different chemical ag('.nts, ehlorhydrlc acid among others, under pressures of four, five or six atmospheres. They were thus able to imitate the magnificent glasses of antiquity, which have become iridescent through the lapse of time. Bull. de {(~ Soe. d' J~'ncot~r. C.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(83)90402-7 fatcat:het24smhwbakje4mybayxllhym