Charmed Scalar Resonances

Kunihiko Terasaki, George Rupp, Eef van Beveren, Pedro Bicudo, Brigitte Hiller, Frieder Kleefeld
2008 AIP Conference Proceedings  
It is pointed out that assigning D_s0^+(2317) to an iso-triplet tetra-quark meson is favored by experiments. It also is discussed why its neutral and doubly charged partners have never been observed in inclusive e^+e^- annihilation. To search for them, hadronic weak decays of B mesons would be better, and their production rates, Br(B_u^+ -> D^-D_s0^++(2317)) and Br(B_d^0 ->antiD^0D_s0^0(2317)), would be around 10^-3.
doi:10.1063/1.2973497 fatcat:7yoauyrnqnbiboesso5oxjfnda