Generalized diagrams and equations of recrystallization of cold-deformed steel St

M. Yu. Belomyttsev
2019 Izvestiya Visshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Chernaya Metallurgiya = Izvestiya Ferrous Metallurgy  
The recrystallization processes in steel St.3 inthe ferrite state were studied. Samples with diameter of 8 mmand with height of 10 mmwere deformed by compression at 20 °Cfor 20 to 80 %, annealed at 400 – 735 °Cfor a period from 5 minutes to 10 hours, and cooled in the air. On the samples, the grain size was determined in longitudinal sections (with respect to the compression axis). After separation of the entire array of experimental data (degree of deformation ε, temperature T and time τ of
more » ... ealing, grain size D) into 3 groups (no recrystallization, beginning and end of the primary recrystallization), the equations of hyperplanes best sharing these groups were found by the method of discriminant mathematical analysis. Recrystallization is not observed if the temperature is below 465 °C, or if the degree of deformation is lower than 20 % for any combination of other parameters. The deformed structure completely recrystallizes if the experimental points are in the parameter range: T > 550 °C, ε > 40 %, τ > 30 min. The largest grain refinement (up to 7 – 10 μm) was obtained after deformation with a maximum degree (80 %). The first critical (physical) degree of deformation, after which the size of the recrystallized grain is larger than the original one, is absent. The second critical (technical) degree of deformation is 25 – 35 % for temperatures of 530 – 735 °C. At such degrees grain refinement was observed in comparison with the initial deformed state. Mathematical relation between the size of the recrystallized grain and the experiments' parameters was analyzed in two ways: according to Arrhenius in the form D=AεNτMexp (-Q/RT) , and according to Hollomon with linear temperature dependence (D ~ T). The Arrhenius solution gave the following equation: log(D) = 2,08 – 0,33log(ε) + 0,023log(τ) – 967,31 1/T. Therefore, activation energy of the recrystallization process is found to be ~18,000 J/mol. In case of the Hollomon analysis, it was proposed to use the function РН = T/1000 [СН – log(τ) + log(ε)] as the Hollomon parameter, and the Hollomon constant of CH should be found by numerical methods. For these conditions, the equation D = –21,317 – 0,034T + 0,0032log(τ) T – 0,0032log(ε)T was obtained. The accuracy of both descriptions, defined as the sum of deviations squares of the measured grain sizes from calculated, is equal to ~3,3 μm or (when normalized to an average value) ~20 %.
doi:10.17073/0368-0797-2019-11-879-886 fatcat:k6vaf7qy2ngg7nc5a6evffmnca