Climate change effects on beerding practices and adaptation analysis options : Case of the Bouza-Niger zone

Mahamadou CHAIBOU
A study on climate change effect on livestock farmers and their practices was conducted in Bouza (Tahoua) department to better analyze the adaptation options. Sixty (60) breeders were systematically selected, including twenty (20) in Bouza and twenty (20) in two areas closest to Bouza. Environmental and Socio-economic impacts of climate change and adaptation strategies of adaptation of the system of animal productions practiced by the breeders were sought. Almost all of population (90%)
more » ... ation (90%) surveyed said that rainy seasons are becoming drier in the last twenty (20) years. Reactions of various actors related to precipitation modification made it possible to identify three main climatic risks including drought, late rains and floods. Four main climatic risks were noted, namely decrease in cumulative rainfall, shortening of length of season, rise in temperatures and frequency of floods. Adaptation options mainly concern valorization of forage crops (collection and storage of fodder) and development of water points. Adaptation options mainly concerned with valuation of drilling crops and the development of water points.
doi:10.48421/imist.prsm/ewash-ti-v3i2.16934 fatcat:icglgnzjhnh5bpjj6yfos42way