A Panorama of Advanced Ride Safety Notifier

S. Dhanalakshmi, R. S. Bhavya, E. Efficia Carolin, P. M. Dharini Priya, C. Jackulin
2018 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
People get lot of problems, face adventurous situations, that range from a mild event to severe, lifethreatening context. Risk situations stem from a number of accidents. Human life is more valuable than anything in this world. Timely help is more important than lending a helping hand. Our project is one among those which is designed in a way to save human lives in a timely manner. There are five main modules discussed in our exploitation. When a bike is met with an accident, immediately the
more » ... sage is sent to the parent/well-wisher of the particular concern by using GSM, thereby ensuring timely help to the needy. Thus a novel visualization method to track and to identify, in real-time, when a person is under risk-prone situation is created. Providing safety to a person while riding the bike is of elite concern. One way to do this is by making it mandatory to wear a helmet while riding a bike with the help of limit switch. This is difficult to implement at every time as the concerned people can't keep an eye on everyone. Alcohol is the thirst quencher for most of the drug addicts. So detecting whether the driver has worn a helmet or not, as well whether he has consumed alcohol or not, is the main issue. The system makes it mandatory for the rider to wear a helmet before starting the vehicle by using Radio signals and also he shouldn't have consumed alcohol which is detected by using alcohol sensor(MQ-3).Thus it is mandatory for the rider to do so. And the vehicle cannot be started even if the license of the person is not with him which provides a better way to escape from the police while checking. This is done with the help of RFID. Twowheelers account for 37% of total road crash deaths. The main reason behind this is over speed. Our invention also stops the vehicle if it exceeds the speed limit thereby reducing the fuel supply.
doi:10.17577/ijertcon032 fatcat:re46wcguxvanhb5oivaddworge