On minimax optimal linear transforms for detection with side information in Gaussian setup

M.K. Mihcak, Y. Altug, N.P. Ayerden
2008 IEEE Communications Letters  
We consider the problem of detection with side information to model robust signal hashing for content tracking. The receiver observes corrupted (by additive colored Gaussian noise) message signals and performs detection, knowing the noise statistics and only some partial information about the message set, which is obtained via applying a dimensionalityreducing linear transform (represented by a full-rank matrix) to the messages. We derive the optimal GLRT-rule for the binary detection setup and
more » ... detection setup and find the corresponding error probability. Next, under some mild assumptions on the message set, we analytically derive the minimax-optimal linear transform matrix that minimizes the worst (over the set of messages) case error probability. Index Terms-
doi:10.1109/lcomm.2008.071993 fatcat:s6npvqhotrentkmuiuqst7te2y