Warm HCN, C2H2, and CO in the Disk of GV Tau

E. L. Gibb, K. A. Van Brunt, S. D. Brittain, T. W. Rettig
2007 Astrophysical Journal  
We present the first high-resolution, ground-based observations of HCN and C2H2 toward the T Tauri binary star system GV Tau. We detected strong absorption due to HCN nu_3 and weak C2H2 (nu_3 and nu_2 + (nu_4 + nu_5)^0_+) absorption toward the primary (GV Tau S) but not the infrared companion. We also report CO column densities and rotational temperatures, and present abundances relative to CO of HCN/CO ~0.6% and C2H2/CO ~1.2% and an upper limit for CH4/CO < 0.37% toward GV Tau S. Neither HCN
more » ... au S. Neither HCN nor C2H2 were detected toward the infrared companion and results suggest that abundances may differ between the two sources.
doi:10.1086/513502 fatcat:lovzu5qfkrctbb7xefavazigkm