On Malpositions of the Uterus

A. Smith
1869 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Feb. 6, x869 faintness, and agonising distresi. There was a slihlitly inflamed wound at the knuckle, not penetrating the joint, and only rather more tender than other parts of the hanid, all which was dusky red, and much swollen on the dorsum, to above the wrist. Its palmar aspect was remarkable; it was apparently strangulated, so as to produce death of all its cutis, but without eiTusion. The arm was swollen to above the elbow, with some streaks anid tenderness reachling the axilla. The tongue
more » ... *was furred; the pulse small, slharp, and rapi(l. Slhe was very faint. I gave her a dose of ammonia anil chloric ether, and applied caustic freely to the wound over the han(d and arm, drawing a ring round the upper arm wvhere the swelling ceased. Poppy fomentation and linseed poultice were ordered. Opium, -vther, and ammonia were administered, with brandy anid nutritious food. Slle was ordered to repose the limb on a pillow. May 29th. There wvas rather less suffering. The fingers were livid and insensible. There were vesications on the back of the hand, and ashy decolorisation of the palm. May 30th. The swelling and inflammation had extended up the arm. There was much constitutional distress aind depression. The pulse was feeble, running, sharp; the tongue black with sordes. May 3Ist. There was a slight line of demarcation along the second phalangeal knuckles. The little finger wvas wholly splhacelated. The palm cut like wash-leather. Incisionis were made, and evacuated
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.423.116 fatcat:iqeolla6djbmzgrxmwdquppnq4