Pushkin and the Doctrine of Stalinism

Anatolii S. Il'in
2014 Journal of Siberian Federal University  
There is an opinion that public relations were formed in the USA in the 1930-s and appeared in Russia only in the 1990-s, along with market economy and democracy. This opinion is not completely true. Indeed, public relations as art and science were formed in the USA. However, communication between the authorities and public (government relations) is traditionally considered to be the communicative function of any state body. A public event or a campaign is often used as a message conveyed
more » ... sage conveyed through a communication channel. In the 1930-s in the USSR Joseph Stalin was building his regime by repressions, accusing his opponents of political crimes. But his regime needed a more solid reason. That is why Stalin ideologists used the centennial anniversary of the death of Alexander Pushkin: during the commemoration campaign, the doctrine of world revolution was replaced with the doctrine of building socialism in the only country which served as the ideological foundation of the Red Empire.
doi:10.17516/1997-1370-2014-7-11-1879-1885 fatcat:d3yt3vk7lrh7xjsvivjbt5w5ry