Manifestations of Bad Governance on the Threshold of African Democratic Process and Development

ED Essien
2014 Ghana Journal of Development Studies  
This paper argues that there is a worldwide resurgence of interests on the concept of good governance, democracy and development. This is because everything in the world today revolves around development. The current framework of public policy imperatives that emanate from around the world suggests that effective entrenchment of democracy and good governance is a prerequisite for development. This paper examines the challenges of good democratic governance in Africa in contemporary time. This
more » ... bits around the problems of bad governance which manifests is corruption and other forms of particularistic behaviour through the noninstitutionalisation of accountability institutions and mechanisms. It argues that the absence of effective measures to counter these perennial "demons" could result in stagnation, lack of growth and development. The paper concludes that improving governance requires effective democratic process driven by ethical principles which would regulate how people make right decisions about governance. Africa (UNECA) to become "governance infatuated" by giving prescription and insisting that governance reform is the key to economic growth and development in Africa. This situation presents two contrasting and complementary reasons to provoke our moral thought why we should show concern and invoke ethics, values and norms of good governance which would enable us to raise evaluative questions about proper procedures, transparency, the quality and process of decision making, selection of officials and other such matters (Doornbos, 2001:94). First is the abhorrence of the state of agreed indicators regarding high poverty level, unavailability of safe drinking water supply, high infant mortality rate, high literacy rate, absence of electrification, high percentage of girls married below 18 years, and high percentage of villages not connected by road. These pointers constitute factors undermining growth and development. Second is the fact that the prevalence of corruption and mal-administration has become less and less loathed, but rather more and more a business with governance actors like the leaders and representatives not visualizing ethical responsibility which threatens good governance, growth and development. of good governance in some part of contemporary Africa is in its paucity has resulted in numerous perverse manifestations detrimental to sustainable growth and development. Conceptual Clarification The concepts of governance, democratization, good governance and development have for some time now stimulated increasing international dialogue; and a considerable amount of scholarship has evolved from it. In spite of the rising interest in these subjects, there still exists a wide stretch of uncertainty about their meanings and relationships. The conceptual indecisiveness, as well as the mystifications that hang around these concepts could be credited to the fact that, all seems to be, though in varying degrees, multidimensional and value loaded concepts.
doi:10.4314/gjds.v9i2.2 fatcat:sff3rjjynneunhbyaygcqxcosy