Connecting Agile - A study on the contradiction of freedom and control in software development

Oliver Gugenberger, Christian Lüthje
This thesis aims to evaluate the contradiction between freedom and control, when larger more traditional operating organizations implement agile concepts. The focus lies on the software development processes, but the results may also be applicable to other operational areas. The thesis describes how a connection between a larger organization and an agile operational team can be defined by evaluating areas, where interactions are required. This integration of an agile team is discussed without
more » ... discussed without performing a company-wide agile transformation, which in many sources is recommended, but would often require a fundamental change for the structure of the organization. For this reason, state-of-the art literature is reviewed and key aspects are identified to provide a holistic overview of the topic and define how a connection between an operational team and a larger organization can be implemented by combining commonly used methodologies and best practices. Based on the analysis, an understanding is created of what freedom and control means in the context of software development in larger organizations. The trade-offs which must be made are worked out, and a discussion is held on how a good setup can be found and how it is possible for large organizations to manage agile teams efficiently. An empirical in-depth study with agile practitioners from ten different organizations has been performed to round off the analysis and identify gaps as well as consensuses. This thesis contributes to the disclosure on agile process implementation by proposing a new way of combining established project management standards and agile concepts to connect agile teams to larger organizations. Important considerations and aspects are discussed and the theoretical findings are consolidated with empirical evidence. Finally, the results are summarized in a comprehensive way, in order to have a practical use as easy-to-read recommendations for larger organizations, that are interested in using agile teams for their operations.
doi:10.34726/hss.2020.68512 fatcat:srpofnocujaetdpf3dzsc5oekm