A Shape Optimization Method of a Specified Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter for the South China Sea

Yadong Wen, Weijun Wang, Hua Liu, Longbo Mao, Hongju Mi, Wenqiang Wang, Guoping Zhang
2018 Energies  
In this paper, a shape optimization method of a truncated conical point absorber wave energy converter is proposed. This method converts the wave energy absorption efficiency into the matching problem between the wave spectrum of the South China Sea and the buoy's absorption power spectrum. An objective function which combines these two spectra is established to reflect the energy absorbing efficiency. By applying Taguchi design, the frequency domain hydrodynamic analysis and the response
more » ... e method (RSM), the radius, cone angle and draft of the buoy are optimized. Since the significant influence of power take-off system (PTO) on energy absorption, the optimal PTO damping under random wave conditions is also studied. The optimal shape is acquired by maximizing the energy absorbing efficiency. Four types of performance and the influence of each geometrical parameter are also obtained. In addition, the cause of the trend of performance as well as the effects of adjusting the input parameters are analyzed. This study can provide guidance for the shape optimization of multi-parameter buoys.
doi:10.3390/en11102645 fatcat:c4oqz7ymovcxpe5mm2jjnxyuhy