Crystal structure of holmium trisilicide, HoSi3

Katrin Meier, Raul Cardoso-Gil, Ulrich Schwarz
2011 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
HoSi 3 ,tetragonal, I4/mmm (no. 139), a =7.2047(2) Å, c =10.6861(7) Å, V =554.69(4) Å 3 , Z =8, R(I) =0.034, R(P) =0.038, T =293(2) K. Source of material Holmium trisilicide was prepared by high-pressure hightemperature synthesis. Educt synthesis, sample loading and product isolation from the high-pressure module was performed in argon-filled glove boxes (MBraun; H 2 O, O 2 <0.1 ppm). After arc melting of the rare-earthm etal (Techn. Büro Dr.G . Lamprecht, 99.9 %) with silicon (Alfa Aesar,
more » ... n (Alfa Aesar, 99.9999 %) in a mass ratio 1:5, the mixture of HoSi 2-x [1](GdSi 2 type [2], often also labelleda sG dSi 1.4 type) and Si(cF8) [3]w as subjected to extremeconditions in aWalker-type module [4] .The syntheses were achieved at pressures between 12(1) and 15(2) GPa and a temperature of 873(100) Kfor 9hbefore quenching to ambient temperature. According to the X-ray powder diffraction data, the microcrystalline products contained approximately 80 mass% HoSi 3 ,2 0m ass%o ft he high-pressure modification Si(cI16) [5,6] and traces of ahitherto unidentified phase.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2011.0131 fatcat:bylallfuuvaj5lz6uagwqxcwiy