Performance of slope stabilisation trials on the road network of Laos

G Hearn, J Howell, T Hunt
2020 Quarterly journal of engineering geology and hydrogeology  
Landslides pose significant hazards on the Laos road network. These landslides frequently block access and occasionally result in the subsidence or loss of the carriageway. In 2007 and 2008 several slope stabilisation trials were implemented, focusing on the use of bio-engineering techniques and low-cost engineering measures. In 2018, heavy rains caused numerous landslides on the road network and a review was undertaken of the performance of the slope stabilisation trial sites implemented ten
more » ... s implemented ten years earlier. Overall, the outcome has proved very positive, and vindicates the efforts made to understand the causes and mechanisms of the slope failures observed and the ground conditions that pertained. The outcomes of this research have been used to strengthen practice in Laos, and further afield, and provide a valuable basis for future practice. END OF ABSTRACT For most developing countries, the expansion of the trunk road network and the connectivity of rural areas are seen as investment imperatives. Improved road access is considered to be a major contributor to economic development and livelihood improvement (Warr 2010; Faiz et al.
doi:10.1144/qjegh2020-064 fatcat:w7us2ckitvf2nbkp527kq4bfou