O. Desinova, M. Starovoytova, L. P. Ananyeva
2021 Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases  
Background:Impaired microcirculation is one of the leading factors in local and general pathogenesis of SSc. Widefield nail-fold video-capillaroscopy (NFVC) stands as the most informative and at the same time simple method used for evaluation of capillary circulation.Objectives:To identify characteristic and specific for SSc– PM/DM capillaroscopic features.Methods:Both hand II – V fingers of 68 pts with SSc-PM/DM were subjected to widefield NFC, evaluated using a binocular 20x magnification
more » ... pus microscope and analyzed in view of specific skin lesions discriminating diffuse and limited SSc forms.Results:SSc-specific dilatations of capillary loops were the most common for SSc-PM/DM and were found in all pts; 50% of them had signs of active scleroderma pattern, such as capillary loss or "avascular areas" (50%) and hemorrhages (51.5%), associated with generalized microvascular spasm in early disease and capillary sclerosis in advanced disease. The morphological capillary abnormalities such as varying degrees of capillary loops tortuosity/vascular inhomogeneity were present in 63% of examined nailfolds, branching bushy behavior of capillary loops and mega-capillaries predominated; architectural disorientation/disarrangement of capillary loops with formation of subcutaneous plexus was seen in more than 50% of them. Capillaroscopic changes consistent with active scleroderma pattern were present in 54 % and were associated with lab signs of inflammatory muscle syndrome and immunological disorders: giant capillaries (p<0.02), disorientation of capillary loops (p<0.02) and ramified/bushy capillaries (p<0.04) were significantly more frequent in patients with severe muscle syndrome, increased CPK, ANF -positivity and hemorrhages (p<0.03).Conclusion:Thus, widefield NFVC revealed a "mixed" nature of capillaroscopic changes, combining features specific for SSc (capillary dilation, avascular areas, hemorrhages) and for PM/DM (bushy and giant capillaries, disorientation of capillary loops of the nailfold with formation of subcutaneous plexuses.)Disclosure of Interests:None declared
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2021-eular.2540 fatcat:3ft7fgbcdjh5rabifdkkb5q5bu