The integrated environmental monitoring system as a key factor of environmental safety of chemical weapons storage and destruction facilities

R. A. Galiakberov
2022 ХХI век: Техносферная безопасность  
In the destruction of chemical weapons initiated in the Russian Federation in 1996, environmental safety issues played a key role in the creation of facilities for storing and destroying chemical weapons. The process of destroying chemical weapons is at the stage of eliminating consequences of activities and involving former destruction facilities in the economic turnover. The issue of development of safety systems is relevant. The purpose of the article is to study problems in the system of
more » ... ironmental safety insurance at chemical weapons destruction facilities and to identify possible ways of further development. The main methods used are analysis of information, induction, analogies, and generalization. The following conclusions were drawn: the environmental safety system fits into the system of safety insurance; the key subsystem is highly accurate and prompt environmental monitoring. Responding to the principles of the construction of head systems, complex monitoring systems were created at chemical weapons destruction facilities. The improvement of this subsystem can improve the environmental safety at these facilities; further development of the integrated environmental monitoring system requires the methods of data analysis and processing tools. Since the result of the monitoring system is information, its processing and interpretation is the most complex and time-consuming process. The use of modern information processing tools can reduce the time for an analysis, improve the quality, and create an information base for decision support systems in the environmental safety system. The research made it possible to outline further ways to improve the environmental safety systems at chemical weapons destruction facilities, which will further ensure the environmental safety and sustainability of chemical weapons destruction facilities and other potentially dangerous facilities that affect the environment.
doi:10.21285/2500-1582-2021-4-330-339 fatcat:beejvoqpkbf2fkkueznf4bqc3m