Correction of negative mental states of the students majoring in extreme psychology by means of virtual reality technologies

Tatiana Nikolaevna Berezina, Anastasiya Sergeevna Perepechina, Kirill Eduardovich Buzanov
2020 Современное образование  
The object of this research is the negative states experienced by the students during class time. The subject of this research is the correction of negative states by means of virtual reality technologies. The possibility of correcting negative mental states of extreme psychology students is explored from theoretical and empirical perspectives. The author reveals the basic techniques aimed at correction of mental states by means of virtual technologies. Analysis is conducted on implementation
more » ... virtual reality technologies in educational sphere. An empirical research is carried out. The author uses the diagnostic methods for assessing mental states, such as exhaustion, fatigue, tension, stress, monotony of satiation; and experimental methods, such as 10-20 minute preview of relaxing and dynamically-arousing scenes in virtual reality headset. It is demonstrated the during the academic day, the students majoring in extreme psychology accumulate negative emotional states, which include: exhaustion, tension, situational fatigue, and monotony. Application of virtual reality technology for submerging students into a virtual space allows restoring mental resources and delay the expansion of negative states. The development of mental resource requires appropriate choice of virtual realities. The conclusion is made that viewing virtual reality scenes of relaxing type decreases the level of exhaustion, while viewing the scenes of dynamically-arousing type with the effect of presence decrease the level of situational fatigue.
doi:10.25136/2409-8736.2020.4.34127 fatcat:62aqtfejvbgczfkqypeftzmhhu