Effect of Curvature on Deformation caused by Thermal Plate Forming
열간가공의 변형에 미치는 곡률의 영향에 관한 연구

Joo-Sung Lee
2011 한국해양공학회지  
This study had the goal of investigating the effect of the curvature along the heating line on the transverse angular distortion of plates having an initial curvature from line heating. A thermo-elasto-plastic analysis was carried out using 54 models with various radii of curvature, plate thicknesses, and heating speeds. The results show the effect of the curvature along the heating line on the angular distortion in relation to changes in the magnitudes of the curvature, heating speed, and
more » ... thickness. The present numerical results show that the time history of the angular distortion after cooling and reaching the final deformed shape for a plate having an initial curvature is quite different from that of a flat plate. This emphasized the importance of considering the curvature effect on the transverse angular distortion. From the viewpoint of the curvature effect on the deformation, it has been seen that the curvature does not affect the transverse shrinkage. In this study the predicting formula for the transverse angular distortion was derived through a regression analysis. It showed that as the curvature increased, the angular distortion was reduced because of the higher bending rigidity at the same heat input parameter, and the peak points moved toward the origin as the curvature increased. 교신저자 이주성: 울산광역시 남구 대학로 102, 052-259-2162, jslee2@ulsan.ac.kr 본 논문은 교육과학기술부의 세계수준의 연구중심대학육성사업(WCU)과 정부(교육과학기술부)의 재원으로 한국연구재단의 지원을 받아 수행된 중견연구자지원사업이며, 울산대학교 SOTOP 사업 지원으로 연구된 결과의 일부임을 밝힙니다.
doi:10.5574/ksoe.2011.25.2.067 fatcat:ie5rhh2ix5ahfnz552h3bown5i