Peter Lancaster
1986 Linear Algebra and its Applications  
The papers appearing in this volume were presented at the International Symposium on Operator Theory held in Athens, Greece from 26 to 31 August 1985, and sponsored by the National Technical University. The program included relevant and recent advances in operator theory, functional analysis, and linear algebra, as well as applications to physical problems that arise in engineering. Also, the program was to give some emphasis to topics suitable for beginning researchers. The admissible
more » ... nctional analysis, operator theory, and linear algebra together with their applications-cover a wide field, of course, even though the bonds between the topics are strong. So the program was wide ranging, and as invited speakers were asked to present lectures that had a strong expository component, these Proceedings will be found to contain some valuable and readable survey papers on modem developments. These can certainly serve as starting points for the researches of beginners in the appropriate fields. They also give this volume a special character and will be useful for active researchers wanting to discover quickly results that have recently become available in particular subject areas. Of course, good research papers also have their place in the volume. The first eleven papers in the volume are those of invited speakers at the Symposium. These are followed by research papers presented at the Symposium by participants. The last part of these Proceedings is devoted to a Conference Report. Here, more information about the conference itself is presented, including a collection of synopses of papers presented at the conference and not appear-
doi:10.1016/0024-3795(86)90304-6 fatcat:fwbnio36ozfy3m7pjaqizn5kca