Umbrella sampling of proton transfer in a creatine–water system

Olga Ivchenko, Peter Bachert, Petra Imhof
2014 Chemical Physics Letters  
Proton transfer reactions are among the most common processes in chemistry and biology. Proton transfer between creatine and surrounding solvent water is underlying the chemical exchange saturation transfer used as a contrast in magnetic resonance imaging. The free energy barrier, determined by first-principles umbrella sampling simulations (E DFT a 3 kcal/mol) is in the same order of magnitude as the experimentally obtained activation energy. The underlying mechanism is a first proton transfer
more » ... from the guanidinium group to the water pool, followed by a second transition where a proton is "transferred back" from the nearest water molecule to the deprotonated nitrogen atom of creatine.
doi:10.1016/j.cplett.2014.03.045 fatcat:7bu4j7nxg5em3buf5j7jgzopf4