Sodium bicarbonate supplementation in resistance exercise performance, perceived exertion and blood lactate concentration

Letícia Rodrigues Fontanella, Cíntia Azara, Estevão Scudese, Diogo de Oliveira Silva, Carlos José Nogueira, Michelle Soraia Espínola Costa, Gilmar Weber Senna
2020 Motriz: Revista de Educacao Fisica  
Aim: The aim was to evaluate the effect of sodium bicarbonate supplementation (NaHCO 3 ) in repetition performance, perceived exertion and blood lactate concentration. Methods: Fourteen trained men (25.14 ± 3.5 years; 85.83 ± 10.18 kg; 1.78 ± 0.06 m; 26.88 ± 3.17 kg/m 2 ) realized two upper-body resistance exercise sessions consisting of 15-RM load and 1 minute of the interval, combining bicarbonate supplementation (BS) or Placebo conditions. Results: After the ANOVA analysis, no difference was
more » ... found on the total number of repetitions during the session on both BS and Placebo condition (p = 0.11). However, a greater number of total of repetitions on the machine chest fly exercise for BS vs. Placebo condition (p = 0.04) was observed. The perceived exertion increased regardless of the supplementation condition (p < 0.0001). Additionally, for the blood lactate was observed significant increases in BS vs. Placebo condition in the post verification (p = 0.013), corroborated for a bigger area under the curve (AUC) on the BS compared to Placebo (p = 0.026) condition. Conclusion: In conclusion, sodium bicarbonate supplementation was not able to improve performance during a resistance exercise session, except for the single-joint exercise performed with high values of perceived exertion, not altering the perceived exertion, and blood lactate between protocols.
doi:10.1590/s1980-6574202000010215 fatcat:o3nzw7zmkrgafbmmudm7v4rhfe